Tuesday, 27 February 2018

5 tips to find the right immigration attorney

An extremely complex procedure, US immigration procedure requires a full in-depth check in the background of the immigrant. There are numerous visa types that can be applied and with the current administration’s bias for the immigrants - legal as well as illegal - it is necessary that you opt for best immigration lawyers in New York City. A right immigration attorney will help you navigate through the red tape.

best immigration lawyers in New York City.

Here are tips to find the right immigration attorney:

Peer rating

There are numerous websites that help you by giving ratings on various immigration attorney across the country. These peer ratings websites have numerous data that can help in selecting the right immigration lawyer. While these places are amazing, these are not only places to look and you should not only depend on these to select the right lawyer.

Client Reviews

Google is the great way to go, you might want to check the law association and various portals where clients can rate the lawyers. It can help you select the right attorney. Read through the reviews. The reviews will give you an insight in the law firm and the best lawyers.


AILA or American Immigration Lawyers Association is a national association of attorneys who teach and practice immigration law. The website offers the names and addresses of all attorneys in your area. While there were some lawyers who might not be members of the association, you can even find them on the website. Remember, it is not necessary to be part of the association.

Credential Check

After short listing the attorneys, the next thing you do is perform a credential check. You have to check for the license along with lawyer’s good standing. You should do an in-depth credential check and make sure that they are right lawyer for you.

Interview the attorneys

Last thing you should do is interview the eligible lawyers. From asking the questions about the experience to the type of immigration they have handles, you have to know everything about your immigration attorney.

The best immigration lawyers in New York City will make sure that you have the best chance of staying in the country and of obtaining green card. Remember to stay clear of the visa consultants or lawyers who might give you unlawful advice. You can contact the leading immigration firm, Wildes & Weinberg for a consultation and review.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Newest asylum cases to be first taken care of by the immigration department

With more than a year in the Trump administration, the latest immigration policies have put the  undocumented immigrants in more problem. The change in the handling of the asylum cases might be a bit of relief for the immigration department but is no relief for the immigrants. The immigrants who have applied for the asylum visa usually wait about five years or more for their cases to be heard. The immigration department has the backlog of 311,000 pending asylum cases as of 21st January 2018.

best immigration lawyers in New York

The immigration department has decided to work first on the newest visa cases to make sure there is no fraud is happening. They believe by taking care of the newest cases the officials can work through the backlog and clear the system. The leading and best immigration lawyers in New York agree with the officials that this step will help the immigrants who are seeking protection from the violence in their own country, but will also result in a bit of more wait. This change will affect both legal as well as illegal immigrants. This decision will affect the country both economically and security-wise.

There are a few people who don't understand the working of asylum visa. Here is what it is all about:

What is asylum visa for?

The asylum visa is only for the individuals who cannot return to their country. This can only be due to following reasons:
  1. They fear persecution in their country.
  2. They need to prove that the persecution is based on race, religion, political opinion, nationality and association with a certain group.
  3. They need to establish that the government is involved in the persecution or cannot do anything.

Applying for asylum

When applying for asylum, you need to prove the eligibility and file Form I-589, the form for Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal. This needs to be done within one year of your arrival in the country. You can also include your spouse and minor children in the application. There is no fee for applying for asylum visa. During the process of interview make sure that the people named on the form are present with you in the country.

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Family-based vs Merit Immigration

The Trump administration has been very vocal about the stance regarding the family based immigration. Calling it “Chain Migration” they want it to end as soon as it can. The rally call of the country grow more louder after a terrorist detonated the bomb inside the New York subway. As the federal officials confirmed that the terrorist came in the country through the family -based immigration system, the Trump administration decided it was the time to end it and give more focus on the merit-based immigration system.

immigration lawyers in New York City

What is family based immigration?

The family based immigration system began with the aim of family unification. Under this type of immigration the US citizens are allowed to obtain green cards for their children (under 21 age), spouses and parents (over 21 years). It is a quicker option to obtain the green card.

The citizens can also put petition for other family members for the green card. Depending upon the country of origin there is a different waiting period. Some people have to wait decades before they are legally allowed to enter the country.

People against the family immigration consider it the reason behind various attacks on the democracy of the country. They believe that this type of immigration leads to chain migration and multiple immigrants enter the country whether they are worth it or not.

What is merit based immigration?

The merit based immigration is the system which President Trump is supporting himself. He along with two other congressmen introduced the RAISE Act. Under the act, the population of the immigrants will be reduced by 41%. This would result in reduction of immigrants in the country by 50% in a decade.

Under this act, the people with the specific points will be allowed to enter the country. The points would be awarded for various categories such as education, age, language skills, salary and more. More points would be awarded for the people with extraordinary skills. This would eliminate any entrance of immigrants through their immediate or extended family.

When will the change happen?

While there is no way to say when the change would happen, the future of the current as well as potential immigrants hangs in the balance. This law change will have to be signed by the congress and the President.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Top 3 sanctuary cities for immigrants

The Trump Administration is slowing breaking all the corners of the US immigration system. DACA is gone. However, the cities across the countries are opening their arms wide for the immigrants. The majority of cities have rolled out immigrant-friendly policies with campaigns designed to attract the newcomers. The respective law enforcement has changed the way they work with federal immigration authorities making it more easy on the immigrants.

These cities are working to provide a better quality of life through lowering the average cost of living and opting to enhance and change the policies making them immigrant friendly. An immigrant will choose the city that has a better minimum wage, affordable public transportation, municipal ID programs, great immigrant policies and programs, universal preschool and whether the cities label themselves as “sanctuary cities." Here are top 3 cities considered best if you are an immigrant:

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco fulfilled all the criteria that is looked by an immigrant to settle in the city. It only falls short in the department of affordable living. The house prices have skyrocketed in the recent years along with the boom in the tech industry. There has been a huge increase in the influx of start-ups.
The average cost of living in the city is 62% more than the average living cost in the country. However, the city has higher graduation rate and extremely affordable public transportation system in comparison with the other “sanctuary cities." It also has a strong municipal ID program.


Just like San Francisco, the Windy City has the high minimum wage, good municipal ID program, along with universal pre-school, and "sanctuary" policies. This city already has the reputation of inviting the immigrants with open arms and helping them live their lives as they want. The government of the city also directs the resources of the city towards the immigrants. They offer legal assistance, mental health care, and citizenship information. However, the city has drawn the attention of Trump administration towards it due to its high crime rate.

New York
While the city of NY has the largest municipal ID program in the country, it is on the third number due to its crumbling transportation system. The city also has a high cost of living, which makes it difficult for the immigrants to live comfortably in the city.

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Select The Best Immigration Lawyer for your Visa Application

It's very difficult for a person to adjust to another country. Their culture, environment condition, food, each and everything are quite different. However, the transition process can be easier with the help of an immigration lawyer. There are many other issues where a lawyer can help you out. In this blog, we will discuss why, when and how an immigration lawyer can help you.

Generally, immigration lawyers can help you with matters associated to citizenship, visas, and other immigration advantages. You know the immigration process is quite complicated, only a professional can deal with it well. If you are planning to settle in the United States of America, then you must hire an immigration lawyer who is an expert in this field. The lawyer will not only save your money, they will save your time and of course hassle of running around the Embassy.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?
Before hiring an immigration lawyer it is necessary to find a reliable and experienced one. Below are some of the points that encourage you to find a lawyer for your immigration file.

  • An expert and qualified immigration lawyer knows the laws completely as he/she remains in touch with the changes in the laws that a country amends to restrict the fraud applicants. Furthermore, the lawyer can guide you about the appropriate methods, procedures, required forms, and other necessities required to handle your case legally.

  • If you have a criminal record, a lawyer can guide you how to represent your case. Moreover, it may take years to secure a visa. Usually, language tests are required to acquire a particular visa. The lawyer may guide you how to pass these exams.

  • Before awarding visa or permanent residence the interview is conducted by the embassy. A lawyer can prepare you for that interview and tell you the how to deal them efficiently.  

When to find an immigration lawyer?
It is important to find an appropriate lawyer before filing a visa application. Below are some of the other scenarios where you need to find an expert lawyer.

  • If you wish to return to a country that you have been deported from.
  • If you are a part of a crime willingly or unwillingly and want to avoid removal from a country where you are living in.
  • If you want to shift to another country for work and your company is not supporting you in the immigration process.
  • If your immigration application is denied or refused due to unknown reasons.

Before hiring an immigration lawyer in New York City, check all the credential and research before you book an appointment. You can also contact with the leading immigration firm, Wildes & Weinberg for a consultation.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Immigration through consular processing

Immigrating to a new country is an exciting opportunity. It is an opportunity that provides unlimited benefits to the immigrant. However, immigrating to the US is not an easy task. While there are numerous ways of immigration, the current immigrant climate in the country it is for the best to employ the best immigration lawyers in New York. The immigration lawyer will make sure that the process of immigration goes on smoothly.

What is consular processing?
It is a procedure of applying for a green card through the US consulate in a foreign country or the US embassy. The best immigration lawyers in New York will explain you how the consular processing is one of the two ways of  applying through family-based immigration. If the immigrant is out of the country than this is the only process through which he/she can get a green card.

Steps for Consular process

  1. Establish the eligibility
    The process of immigration begins when a US citizen on the behalf of the immigrant puts in the application. The concerned US citizen should be a family member or an employer. The form I-130 needs to be submitted and through it the eligibility needs to be proved.
  2. I-130 Petition
    The I-130 form is submitted by the beneficiary. The USCIS notifies the beneficiary about their decision. An in-depth background check is made by the USCIS and only then the petitioner is notified about the decision. The I-130 approval notice arrives by mail as Form I-797, Notice of Action.

  3. Visa Number
    Once the I-130 petition is approved, the beneficiary and petitioner are notified about the visa number. If the petition is made in the immediate relative category, the number of visas available are extensive. However, under the family preference category, there are limited number of visas available.
  4. Submission of application
    The National Visa center notifies both the parties regarding the Submission of processing fee and the application. The petitioner also needs to submit the supporting documents. If you want to be sure of the process, hire the best immigration lawyers in New York to make sure that all documents are right. The beneficiary and the accompanying family member must fill the DS-260 form of immigrant visa and alien registration.
  5. Appointment for consular processing
    After the visa is available and the DS-260 form is received by the NVC, the concerned officer schedules an interview with the beneficiary. The beneficiary makes the case and  the officer completes the processing. Once the green card is granted, the beneficiary receives the “Visa Packet”. After entering the US, the “Visa Packet” needs to be given to the CBP officer who directs the new immigrant to the right place.
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Friday, 3 November 2017

Understanding family-based immigration

All the residents of the US know that if you become a US citizen or are a permanent resident, you can get the green card for your family back home. However, one thing they don't know is how to accomplish it. The laws of the US immigration are complex. It takes an experienced person to understand them all. While a layman might fill all the forms right, they will still have problems accomplishing their goal. This problem doesn't occur with the immigration lawyers. They are well-versed in the immigration laws and know their working and loopholes in depth.

What is family-based immigration?
Family-based immigration is the process of applying for a green card through the spouse or a family member. The process is long and complex. It often lasts for years. The applicant gets fingerprinted, photographed, cleared by FBI and subjected to medical examination. All this process is done after the permanent family member places the file in the system. Without best immigration lawyer, the file can remain stuck in the system. You will need a person to keep track of the files in the immigration system.

Documents required
The documentation for family-based immigration is extensive. They need to be carefully kept with the application and numbered accordingly.  The best immigration lawyers in NJ make sure that your documents are up-to-date when you file for the immigration. The forms involved are Forms I-130 & I-485.

Form I-130 requires:
  1. Proof of US citizenship
  2. Proof of permanent resident status
  3. Proof of relationship with the applicant

Form I-485 requires:
  1. Proof of applicant’s clean record
  2. Copy of applicant’s passport copy bearing non-immigrant visa
  3. 2 passport size identical photographs
  4. Form I-693 (medical examination report)
  5. Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support)

When both forms with their concerned documents are attached and checked, then only the file is accepted. If you have hired the best immigration lawyers in NJ, he/she makes sure that your documents are submitted on time and your case moves smoothly. He/she will be there to handle all the hurdles. The interview of the applicant is rigorous if you are applying on the basis of marriage. The authorities will make sure that your marriage is not a sham. In such a case, you will want your immigration lawyer by your side. If you are still searching for the best immigration lawyers in NJ, consult Wildes & Weinberg. They have leading immigration lawyers specializing in family-based immigration cases.