Sunday, 3 December 2017

Select The Best Immigration Lawyer for your Visa Application

It's very difficult for a person to adjust to another country. Their culture, environment condition, food, each and everything are quite different. However, the transition process can be easier with the help of an immigration lawyer. There are many other issues where a lawyer can help you out. In this blog, we will discuss why, when and how an immigration lawyer can help you.

Generally, immigration lawyers can help you with matters associated to citizenship, visas, and other immigration advantages. You know the immigration process is quite complicated, only a professional can deal with it well. If you are planning to settle in the United States of America, then you must hire an immigration lawyer who is an expert in this field. The lawyer will not only save your money, they will save your time and of course hassle of running around the Embassy.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?
Before hiring an immigration lawyer it is necessary to find a reliable and experienced one. Below are some of the points that encourage you to find a lawyer for your immigration file.

  • An expert and qualified immigration lawyer knows the laws completely as he/she remains in touch with the changes in the laws that a country amends to restrict the fraud applicants. Furthermore, the lawyer can guide you about the appropriate methods, procedures, required forms, and other necessities required to handle your case legally.

  • If you have a criminal record, a lawyer can guide you how to represent your case. Moreover, it may take years to secure a visa. Usually, language tests are required to acquire a particular visa. The lawyer may guide you how to pass these exams.

  • Before awarding visa or permanent residence the interview is conducted by the embassy. A lawyer can prepare you for that interview and tell you the how to deal them efficiently.  

When to find an immigration lawyer?
It is important to find an appropriate lawyer before filing a visa application. Below are some of the other scenarios where you need to find an expert lawyer.

  • If you wish to return to a country that you have been deported from.
  • If you are a part of a crime willingly or unwillingly and want to avoid removal from a country where you are living in.
  • If you want to shift to another country for work and your company is not supporting you in the immigration process.
  • If your immigration application is denied or refused due to unknown reasons.

Before hiring an immigration lawyer in New York City, check all the credential and research before you book an appointment. You can also contact with the leading immigration firm, Wildes & Weinberg for a consultation.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Immigration through consular processing

Immigrating to a new country is an exciting opportunity. It is an opportunity that provides unlimited benefits to the immigrant. However, immigrating to the US is not an easy task. While there are numerous ways of immigration, the current immigrant climate in the country it is for the best to employ the best immigration lawyers in New York. The immigration lawyer will make sure that the process of immigration goes on smoothly.

What is consular processing?
It is a procedure of applying for a green card through the US consulate in a foreign country or the US embassy. The best immigration lawyers in New York will explain you how the consular processing is one of the two ways of  applying through family-based immigration. If the immigrant is out of the country than this is the only process through which he/she can get a green card.

Steps for Consular process

  1. Establish the eligibility
    The process of immigration begins when a US citizen on the behalf of the immigrant puts in the application. The concerned US citizen should be a family member or an employer. The form I-130 needs to be submitted and through it the eligibility needs to be proved.
  2. I-130 Petition
    The I-130 form is submitted by the beneficiary. The USCIS notifies the beneficiary about their decision. An in-depth background check is made by the USCIS and only then the petitioner is notified about the decision. The I-130 approval notice arrives by mail as Form I-797, Notice of Action.

  3. Visa Number
    Once the I-130 petition is approved, the beneficiary and petitioner are notified about the visa number. If the petition is made in the immediate relative category, the number of visas available are extensive. However, under the family preference category, there are limited number of visas available.
  4. Submission of application
    The National Visa center notifies both the parties regarding the Submission of processing fee and the application. The petitioner also needs to submit the supporting documents. If you want to be sure of the process, hire the best immigration lawyers in New York to make sure that all documents are right. The beneficiary and the accompanying family member must fill the DS-260 form of immigrant visa and alien registration.
  5. Appointment for consular processing
    After the visa is available and the DS-260 form is received by the NVC, the concerned officer schedules an interview with the beneficiary. The beneficiary makes the case and  the officer completes the processing. Once the green card is granted, the beneficiary receives the “Visa Packet”. After entering the US, the “Visa Packet” needs to be given to the CBP officer who directs the new immigrant to the right place.
Have you applied for immigration visa? Consult Wildes & Weinberg. They are the leading immigration law firm with best immigration lawyers in New York.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Understanding family-based immigration

All the residents of the US know that if you become a US citizen or are a permanent resident, you can get the green card for your family back home. However, one thing they don't know is how to accomplish it. The laws of the US immigration are complex. It takes an experienced person to understand them all. While a layman might fill all the forms right, they will still have problems accomplishing their goal. This problem doesn't occur with the immigration lawyers. They are well-versed in the immigration laws and know their working and loopholes in depth.

What is family-based immigration?
Family-based immigration is the process of applying for a green card through the spouse or a family member. The process is long and complex. It often lasts for years. The applicant gets fingerprinted, photographed, cleared by FBI and subjected to medical examination. All this process is done after the permanent family member places the file in the system. Without best immigration lawyer, the file can remain stuck in the system. You will need a person to keep track of the files in the immigration system.

Documents required
The documentation for family-based immigration is extensive. They need to be carefully kept with the application and numbered accordingly.  The best immigration lawyers in NJ make sure that your documents are up-to-date when you file for the immigration. The forms involved are Forms I-130 & I-485.

Form I-130 requires:
  1. Proof of US citizenship
  2. Proof of permanent resident status
  3. Proof of relationship with the applicant

Form I-485 requires:
  1. Proof of applicant’s clean record
  2. Copy of applicant’s passport copy bearing non-immigrant visa
  3. 2 passport size identical photographs
  4. Form I-693 (medical examination report)
  5. Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support)

When both forms with their concerned documents are attached and checked, then only the file is accepted. If you have hired the best immigration lawyers in NJ, he/she makes sure that your documents are submitted on time and your case moves smoothly. He/she will be there to handle all the hurdles. The interview of the applicant is rigorous if you are applying on the basis of marriage. The authorities will make sure that your marriage is not a sham. In such a case, you will want your immigration lawyer by your side. If you are still searching for the best immigration lawyers in NJ, consult Wildes & Weinberg. They have leading immigration lawyers specializing in family-based immigration cases.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

What To Do In Order To Finding The Best Immigration Lawyer

Finding the Best immigration lawyers in Miami who is ideal for your immigration case is a daunting task to which you should dedicate a sensible measure of time and exertion. Begin by assembling a “short list” of legal lawyers, whose names you have gotten from family, relatives, friends or other referral sources. At that point, you should clear numerous things in your mind so that you can get a lawyer you expect.

Try To Know Whether The Lawyer You Choose To Expect With Your Kind of Case

Immigration law is not only a specialized area but has various subspecialties within it. Do not feel sure that an immigration lawyer who served your cousin get political asylum or a fiance visa is uniformly ready to assist you to get an H-1B or another employment-based visa.

To know how much experience a lawyer has with the sort of immigration advantage you are looking, ask some very sensible questions In the list of questions you can include:

  • What did number instances of this sort you deal with this year? What was the standard result?
  • How long do you anticipate that my case will take, and why?
  • What is the notoriety of the officers at the USCIS or consular officer who will deal with my case?

One Of The Crucial Thing: Lawyer Should Be Easy to Reach

You will need to realize that you can contact your lawyer amid the months that your application winds its way through the USCIS or consular administration. A legal counsellor's openness may be difficult to judge toward the start, however, take a stab at tuning into the legal advisor's secretary as you hold up in his or her office surprisingly.

A lot of immigration lawyers are only practitioners and implement an answering machine rather than a receptionist. In that case, you will have to rely on how fast they resolve your queries.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Is Hiring EB5 Attorney A Good Option?

If you want to enter the United States, especially in the New York, the EB5 investor visa could be the option to move. The government of US has recognized the significance of money investment and its role which enhances the growth of the country by creating employment options. 

That is why EB5 investor visa plan has created which enables qualified aliens to become citizens by investing their money in the country. With this option, an individual can get a green card and in turn become citizens of the United States.

Whereas acquiring this type of visa is not an easy thing since there are certain rules and regulations that one will have to fulfill. Consider the following to know about various requirements required to achieve the visa, procedure, and important legal advice that one needs while applying for the EB5 investor visa.

Requirements of having the EB5 investor visa-

  • To qualify for the EB5 investment visa, one should hold a minimum of $1 million to invest in a business project either in the private or public area.

  • If someone doesn't have the necessary one million, then a minimum of $500,000 is, however satisfactory only under some conditions.

  • This required capital has to be invested in the specific employment areas such as- regions where there is a large unemployment rate or in the rural areas.

  • Despite the capital that is invested, it is necessary that it gave jobs to the ten American citizens at least excluding the family members of the investors.

Do you need an attorney while applying for EB5 investor visa program?
Getting an EB5 investor visa is a great way to get the citizenship of New York, but there are a lot of challenges that are faced by the applicant. For example- incorrect application or long adjudication processes that put the visa application in a problem.

Though, by consulting an EB5 attorney in New York will be a good way to get the visa easily and on time. Because an experienced attorney knows every legal proceeding, documents, business agreements, and contracts and of course he will represent you in the court.

From the above points and discussion, it is concluded that there is a great importance of EB5 attorneys to enter in New York and without any doubt, it is profitable and good option to go for because he knows each and every point of your case and will increase your chances of success.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Choose the Best Immigration Attorney

Choosing or finding an immigration attorney is one of the toughest tasks. Immigrating to a new country is a major decision for immigrants, and finding the best immigration Lawyer in NJ can help you out, whether it for studying abroad, working abroad, doing business abroad, or moving permanently to a new country. 

Before hiring an immigration lawyer, you must decide whether you need an immigration consultant at all. Some countries have a very straight-forward process migration and immigration rules that are easy-to-understand. It is always beneficial to have a word with an immigration officer of the country you are supposed to migrate. Some countries have a very helpful website with plenty of information, which can be very useful.

Grab the full knowledge of the immigration rules and processes on the official websites of the respective countries. Go through from the website so that you have an idea whether you are qualified for a student visa or work visa or permanent residency. Find out all the documents that will be required for getting a visa. Of course, you may get overwhelmed by the immigration documentation, processes and the uncertainty involved in your visa application being processed. This can be very stressful and you may want to hire a competent immigration attorney.

Here are a few tips that will help you find a good immigration lawyer if you are migrating to some country.

Ask your friends/relatives and family who may have hired an immigration consultant/attorney. You will be surprised to know how many people would have stories to share about their immigration lawyer. If this does not work, then google it and contact a few immigration lawyer. Ask them for references, and talk to their past client to know their experience.

Check the License-
Make sure the attorney is registered with a legal agency. Just talk to the immigration department of the country you want to migrate to. They will suggest you the best advice about the registration and legislative requirements of that country for immigration attorneys.

Find out the fee structure of a few immigration lawyers. Just remember, expensive immigration attorney does not mean he/she is good. Similarly, the cheap one may not be able to handle the case correctly. Go for the experienced one and has a good hand in this field. Find out the terms of payment too.

Observe the working style of the immigration lawyer, that should not be awkward. It is important that you feel comfortable, patient, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional while working with him. Finally, find out what the immigration attorney is promising. If he sounds too good to be true, he probably is.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Important Tips to Find Dependable Immigration Law Firm

There are so many people who are expert in preparing immigration visas and work permits and visa applications. But how do you know that they are good? Best immigration law firm in Miami will assist you to hire the best and most reliable lawyer. Since this is a very personal process, so should be sure that you hire the very best?

A good immigration law firm can make all the difference to your case. Many firms have hard working, honest professionals who seriously want to help you. However, a bad immigration lawyer or firm can overcharge you and your case, and fail to provide the promised services. Whether you are seeking to file a petition for a visa or green card, trying to avoid deportation, or applying for some other immigration benefit, make sure you get the right sort of lawyer on your side.

Here are some tips to avoid the suspicious types of immigration firms.

Compare with more than one immigration law Firm-
Don’t stick to only one law firm while choosing the immigration law firm. Always compare the guidance and ideas of an immigration law firm with the other. It will show the comparison. Go with the experienced one. Money is an important aspect but can go with the cheaper one but just choose the one who has the ability to respond to queries on an immediate basis.

Avoid those who suggest you unethical ways-
Unfortunately, there are many immigration firms who are constantly in the search for clients at the immigration offices. Many of lawyers and even firms work with more clients than they should at a time to make more money.
Be careful of the immigration law firms that suggest you some fishy things to do or to lie on the visa application. These type of methods definitely affect you and your visa processing and may lead to delay or permanent cancellation of the visa application.  

Make sure you are dealing with an immigration firm, not with the immigration consultant-
Before appointing or dealing with the immigration law firm, just make sure you are consulting an immigration law firm not an immigration consultant. Because the immigration consultants will definitely give you some unethical ways to apply for your application or make illegal offers. In some cases, they may literally take your money and run, or fill out your forms in wrong and dangerous ways without telling you.

Research the lawyer-
You can find out a lot about your immigration law firm online and you can confirm that they are certified firm or not. One can review the professional articles and publications and other research materials. Definitely, it will help you to choose the better one.