Sunday, 29 January 2012

Immigrants Must Know the Basic Facts of a Green Card in USA, says an Immigration Lawyer in NYC

Millions of immigrants around the globe dream of entering the United States for the lucrative opportunities it offers. Many are lucky to realize this dream and may end up being legal permanent residents with Green cards. The city of New York has immigrants willing to have a Green card and to get it successfully; they might require assistance of an immigration Lawyer NYC firm at some point of time. The services of an immigration lawyer practicing in New York City are useful to these legal permanent residents in case of any immigration issue.

Many immigrants are confused about Green cards, so in this section we talk about basic facts of a Green card.

What are the conditions that make an individual eligible for a Green card in the United Sates?
The immigration authorities offer limited number of green cards in the United States; these green cards are usually given when any of the following requisite is met -
-An individual is married to a U.S. citizen or has a close family relationship with a permanent resident
-A considerable amount of investment in the United States
-Winning the visa lottery that is conducted every year or being offered a job proposal from a United States employer
-If the individual fits in to the category of a special candidate
-If duration of more than a year, is spent as a refugee or an asylum seeker in the United States then he/she becomes eligible for a green card

What are the rights an individual has with a green card?
A green gives an individual the right to reside and to be employed in the United States. Employment may also be found in the form of government jobs, although some are reserved only for a United States citizen. An individual can also file petitions for his/her immediate family members that may include spouse and unmarried children. This could be easily done with the services of an firm. Visa availability to these relative entirely depends upon the annual limits. Green card holders are allowed to keep their original citizenship of the home country. The immigration authorities require a legal permanent resident to carry a green card at all times in order to prove their status.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

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Michael Wildes Discusses New ICE Detention Hotline

Managing Partner Michael Wildes recently discussed the new ICE detention hotline -- (855) 448-6903 --that detained individuals can call if they believe they may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime.

"This hotline represents a woefully inadequate and farcical attempt at due process. It presupposes that immigrant detainees - regardless of status - will possess both the moxie and the blind faith in our government to call ICE when they feel they have been detained in violation of their civil rights. It is preposterous to assume that an agency that has deported a record number of individuals this year will now represent a haven for civil rights for immigrants when threatened by state and local enforcement."

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