Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Get rid of underlying immigration related complexities by calling a law firm

Lawsuits can be highly complex that can give you nightmares if you do not know how to handle them. Especially, those related to immigration can give you a really hard time, unless you have professional help by your side.

Each country has strict guidelines and regulations, which every immigrant has to comply with, in order to legally enter the country or becomes its permanent citizenship. A nonprofessional, who is not well-acquainted with those formalities, details and policies stand huge chances of committing mistakes while applying for visa. That is the reason people look for professional legal help while dealing with immigration lawsuits.

Law firms come to rescue for people seeking legal help. They have experienced litigator working under their roof, to help people go through the entire immigration procedure with ease and comfort. These lawyers work on behalf of their clients and guide them through the details and deadlines of formalities. They also ensure timely submission of all the underlying forms, formalities and requirements within the set deadlines.

Immigration matters are highly diverse. Although, not all the matters require assistance of lawyer, but majority of them does. For example, if all you need to do is renew your green card, then all you have to do is fill out a simple form along with fee. However, certain matters can be highly complex which may seem straightforward and simple to untrained eyes. Failing to take expert help may end up putting you in trouble and legal jeopardy.

Submitting complex waiver application, going through various types of visas such as employment-based or facing removal proceedings are some of the examples of situations which require multiple hearings and visits to the court. Only best immigration lawyers would turn out to be your savior in such cumbersome legal cases.

There are a whole lot of formalities that every immigrant has to comply with and go through several procedures to become a lawful citizen of the country. This involves filling out certain forms and examinations. A regular person may know where to look for those forms, or even how to begin with filling the required fields.

Each column in the forms requires accuracy and precision. Missing out on any field or wrong submission of forms can put you in trouble or make the entire procedure more lengthy and complex. That is the reason, when it comes to immigration matters; do not hesitate to call a professional.

The first and the foremost priority for anyone who is entering into immigration matters should be to look for best immigration lawyers like Wildes & Weinberg P.C Law Firm which is located at 515 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor,New York, NY 10022.

Friday, 8 November 2013

How an immigration lawyer can help you in getting your visa?

Are you not able to handle the complexities associated with immigration procedure on your own? Well, if your answer is yes, then it would be a better option for you to take professional help. On making search on the web, you will come across different immigration attorneys and firms providing an array of services to people planning to shift to any other country.
Most of the people have notion that immigration procedure is not complex and they will handle all the activities on their own. The time they face troubles in getting their visas approved, they begin to search for reputed attorneys who can make their task easy and simple. However, it is always better to hire services of an attorney before you actually begin with completing formalities related with this procedure.
As the lawyers have knowledge of visa policies and regulations, so they are the one who can provide you right information. Moreover, the lawyers will make you familiar with changed immigration rules, helping you in completing the entire procedure correctly.
To get maximum benefits from such services, it is of core importance for you to hire the best immigration lawyer in New York. Only the talented lawyers can help you in getting your visa approved successfully in a short period of time.
The immigration lawyers have expertise in different areas and solve different types of cases that are as follows:
  1. The lawyers help people in getting temporary visas. An individual may require temporary visa in order to work in a foreign country. In such circumstances, an individual need to have job offer from a licensed employer and also needs to fill different forms to get his or her visa approved.
  2. The lawyers also help people in getting green card. Green cards are very important for individuals living in the foreign country in order to work successfully there for an extended period of time.
  3. The attorneys also help people in getting visas of their family members. One needs to fill many forms accurately in order to get this job done in a timely fashion.
  4. Apart from this, the services of lawyers are essential for those who have faced visa rejections die to certain reasons. In such circumstances, only the lawyers can guide people in the right direction.
Therefore, if you are the one thinking of immigration, then you must avail services of an immigration lawyer to get your purpose fulfilled.
Only the skilled and experienced immigration lawyer in New York can help you in handling the complex paperwork associated with immigration effectively.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer? Here’s a little piece of advice!

What happens when you are in immigration related mess? You panic!
Then you run for professional help, and what you do next? You hire any random professional, who appears to be reliable in the very first glance, and that is when you make your first mistake.
All that happens afterwards is automated, which in many cases leads to an even bigger issues, which ultimately results in unfavorable outcomes harming your personal life and career.
You can avoid that, by being wise at the very first step- choosing a professional!
An expert immigration lawyer in Manhattan or elsewhere helps to file papers and also help to win the case. In addition to it, this means he works in the favor of his client.
If you are looking for such reliable source here are few things you must look into the immigration lawyer:
The foremost thing you should check is whether the lawyer is a registered member of an immigration association of lawyers.
Next thing you need to consider is does the lawyer have enough experience in dealing with immigration cases. This will help you in judging the lawyers ability to solve the cases.
Along with experience, you must also see is the lawyer familiar with the immigration law suites and are they updated with changing law rules & new developments.
Immigration laws are complicated and it is hard to understand for a nonprofessional. This is where an expert immigration lawyer helps one to understand the law terms. So, make sure the attorney whom you have hired provides idea about immigration to you.
Every lawyer has its specification, therefore, before hiring you must know the specialization of their peers. In regard to this, you must ask for referrals from friends who had taken the help of an attorney. Another way is also to search online, go through the websites of lawyers and see to the reviews of people.
Credibility and achievements of attorney must to check because a lawyer having good accomplishments will definitely benefit you in getting visa approval.
Usually, people prefer lawyers who quote less fee, but this can turn out bad for the case as such lawyers cannot live up to the expectations.
Lastly, you must check the attorney participation in debates and forums. Via this way, you will come to know the lawyer advices and recommendations that he is giving to people.
If you are looking for immigration lawyer in Manhattan make sure you adhere all these points. This will definitely help you find a reliable lawyer for your case.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

What an immigration lawyer of new york can do for you?

It is very essential for everyone to know what immigration lawyers do, before hiring their services. Generally, the services of immigration lawyers are availed by people who want to become a citizen of any nation or want to acquire dual citizenship, and the lawyers guide them in the best possible manner in dealing with complex procedures associated with these procedures.
As, all the procedures associated with immigration are complex; that is why, surely you will need professional help to deal with complex visa rules and guidelines.
Without professional help, the process of applying visa of any country seems to be a daunting task for most of the people. In short, the services of an immigration lawyer are of core importance when applying for immigration. Hiring immigration lawyers will help you a lot, as they have expertise in different laws related with immigration.
There are several things that you may not understand while applying for an immigrant visa. In most of the cases, people are not familiar with immigration rules and policies, making it difficult for them to begin with this procedure. They get confused while completing intricate paperwork associated with it. In such situations, only the immigration lawyers in NYC can help you in moving in the right direction and completing all the process in an organized fashion.
An immigration lawyer provides a number of services to their clients. They help their clients in issues related with citizenship, employment based immigration, naturalization and other aspects related with immigration. The guidance and assistance that immigration lawyers can provide you is possibly the motive why you should hire their services.  
There are other services that immigration lawyers can provide you in addition to their normal job of assisting people in applying visas. There is a possibility that your application may not get approval due to certain reasons. In such circumstances, lawyers can help you in reapplying visa and things you need to take care of in order to avoid visa delays and rejections.
You can find numerous lawyers that offer a variety of services but finding an experienced and trustworthy lawyer is of core importance. If you have no idea where to start search for a qualified attorney then searching web is the best method to begin your search for a reputed attorney.
Therefore, if you are the one considering immigration, then you should not hesitate to hire services of an attorney.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Types of cases an immigration lawyer in New York handles!

Sometimes, finding a reputed immigration attorney becomes difficult task. No doubt, there are several firms who offer specialized services, helping people in getting their visas approved. One needs to find an attorney who has experience as well as the ability to handle your case.
The services of an immigration attorney are of core importance for those considering moving to any other country. Filing a visa application is not an easy task to do. A large number of complications are part of this procedure, making it difficult for people in obtaining their visas.
Immigration policies and rules change very often. Only the attorneys have thorough knowledge of the current rules and regulation and can guide you in the best possible manner so that you can get your visa in a short period of time.
With the help of Michael Wildes an immigration lawyer in New York from, it will become easy for you to fill all the forms accurately and get those forms submitted with the authorities. The best part is that immigration lawyers not only assist people who are planning to move to any other country but also help people in handling different types of cases associated with immigration.
You can have a look at the types of cases handled by the experienced lawyers.
  1. Citizenship cases
On moving to a foreign country, it is important for you to get citizenship as without it, you are not able to live permanently on a foreign land. There is a complete procedure associated with obtaining citizenship. Only, the lawyer can help you in moving in the right direction. Keep in mind, a small error can reject your application. So, make sure that you have hired a professional for this purpose in order to get the job done effectively.
  1. Employment related issues
You cannot work in a foreign country until you have work permit and a job offer from a reputed employer. Shifting to the other country on the basis of employment is not very easy rather there is a complete procedure that one should follow in order to get your visa approved.
Most of the individuals do not have adequate knowledge about the visa procedure; that is why, it would be a better idea to hire an attorney so as to save time and efforts.
  1. All immigrant and nonimmigrant visas
Furthermore, there are many other types of visas such as study, marriage and many more. All these visa procedures need professional help. The lawyers are well familiar with different types of visas and the related procedures.
Without wasting any time, hire a professional attorney so as to fly to the country of your choice.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Let O-1 visa lawyer of NYC help you out in the immigration procedure!

Pertaining immigration is not easy, as it may seem to be because of the law that keeps on changing with time. This calls for a good immigration lawyer, who can be with you throughout the visa procedure.
If you have attained extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or television industry, you can definitely go for O-1 visa. But all that is required is right credentials, form and good guidance to attain visa which is only possible via the help of a lawyer.
Following are few basic requirements and documents that are needed to attain the visa and clearly explained to you by your lawyer:
Basic requirements
To get the visa application approved it’s not necessary that the candidate has to won any Nobel Prize or Olympic gold medical in his or her respective abilities. But yes, to qualify for visa there are certain criteria’s that are needed to be fulfilled by the immigrant. To name a few are:
  • Received national or international award or prize for the excellence
  • You belong to a good organization which is known for making outstanding achievements
  • If you are in media or writing field, your work should be published in some major trade publications or professional journals
  • You need to be a part of panel of the field of specification you have attained
  • You need to show your contribution in the respective abilities
  • Need to have worked in different organization
  • Show evidences proving your earnings
  • Original scientific or scholarly contributions made are needed to be shown
Essential documents required attain O-1 visa
To get the petition approved, an applicant needs to provide the following documents:
  • A file that contains the application Form DS-160.
  • Applicant recent photograph
  • Passport that is valid
  • Educational history, resume are needed to be attached in the file
  • Proof of received recognition or awards in the respective fields.
  • Documents that proves your excellence in the field
  • Applicant financial information that shows you are earning well
  • Records of achievements made in motion picture and television production
  • An appointment letter that describes your work which you would be doing in U.S.
With all that is said before and sheer guidance of O-1 visa lawyer in NYC, you would definitely attain the visa. Besides just preparing your file, they would also prepare you for your interview round, which would be conducted by the visa authority people.
Thus bottom line is this that the immigration lawyer surely helps an immigrant in attaining the visa. Now, one need not have to worry about the procedure, just relax and do as the lawyer says you to do.
Are you searching for a reliable O-1 visa lawyer in NYC then make sure you have contacted an experienced lawyer that would help you attain the visa.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

How O-1 visa lawyer proves to be helpful in attaining O-1 visa

While filing for any petition its must to hire a lawyer or an attorney who is skilled enough to deal with any of the issues related to visa. Besides this, they need to have complete knowledge about the visa application procedure so that an immigrant can easily get away through it.
Many times we think that we ourselves can complete all the formalities of visa application; but no, as immigration law is quite an intricate form therefore one do gets stuck at a point of time. This is where the need for experienced lawyers becomes viable!
Still thinking how? Let’s have a look at how O-1 Visa Lawyers can help in streamlining the petition process of an immigrant.
  • O-1 visa lawyer of NYC helps an immigrant in getting the green card of the United States.
  • They would help in completing all the formalities of visa procedure.
  • Immigration Lawyers provide guidance for other visas also if O-1 Visa is not suitable in one’s situation.
  • To extent the O-1 visa, lawyer proves to be of great help in assisting the immigrant in this situation.
  • They make immigrants prepare for the interview round which would be conducted by the visa authority heads.
Furthermore, they would explain you all information related to O-1 Visa that is important for you to get aware of, if planning to file a petition for O-1 visa.
O-1 Visas is categorized in two types: O-1A and O-1B. The first type of visa is for the individuals in business, education, sciences or athletics and second type of visa is for individuals in the arts, motion pictures or television.
Qualifications required for this visa
To qualify for an O-1 Visa, applicant needs to show their qualification in the respective field. For example, the person in arts needs to have distinction, an applicant who is in television or motion picture he needs to sow that he is the notable personality in this field. Likewise, respective other applicants in business, education, science or athletics they also need to show their significance in each of their respective field.
Evidence required for an O-1 Visa
To attain this visa, an applicant needs to show evidences that would support his credentials. The foremost thing that is looked in by the visa authority is awards in the respective field of the applicant. If not achieved, then applicant would be required to submit any of the three evidences from the following:
  • Prizes attained in the field
  • Membership of the associated field associations
  • Individual contribution in the respective carrier field
  • Published articles in journals
  • Salary slip
Source box -
O-1 visa lawyer in NYC or elsewhere can help in fulfilling your dreams to work in United States. So, do not wait right away contact a renowned lawyer of New York.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don’t let your immigration lawyer to ditch you!

Every year, thousands of people dream of going abroad. For this, they plan out various things like money, ticket, consulting immigration lawyer and legal formalities etc. They make sure that they have completed all the formalities, but what if at the airport one is hauled for having illegal immigration and incomplete documents?
All the wishes and dreams would vanish away and where one was thinking of to enjoy a luxurious trip, they would end up going to jail. All in all, they would be cursing for that time when they were thinking and making plans to go abroad.
A lot of questions would be striking your mind: why immigration lawyer dint completed formalities when having paid huge amount of money to them? Why dint they looked into all the formalities themselves instead of just relying upon the lawyer?
These all questions are very obvious to strike in one’s mind, when one has to face such circumstance (going to jail). Therefore, to be on a safe side one must be aware of two important things. First is that to go abroad people have to follow stringent rules and regulations of immigration law and second is to protect oneself from those ruckus, it’s better to hire the best immigration lawyer in NYC.
However, a lawyer would himself make you aware about the rules & regulations; therefore you need to choose a good alien. Though, searching a good lawyer would be like finding needle from a stake. This is where you need to be sure enough about each of your successive step that you are taking to find a good lawyer.
Following are few points to help you out in your search:
  • Interview as many lawyers as you can, until you find someone whom you can rely upon.
  • Be aware from the fake promises.
  • A lawyer should not beat around the bush.
  • He should make you aware of all the things that are related to your case, so that you are familiarize with all the aspects beforehand only and hence won’t get disheartened at the end.
  • Most importantly, you must determine the credentials of the lawyer. This would help you know whether he is certified or not.
  • Alongside credentials, another vital aspect to be checked of a lawyer is his experience in dealing with cases.
  • Do not just go along with people word of mouth; make yourself also an effort to search well.
  • Search for cost effective lawyer as it’s not necessary that lawyers who charge good amount always give proven results.
Following all the aforementioned aspects would definitely help you find a good lawyer that would solve all your problems and you can live up your dream to go abroad.
Always find out for the best immigration lawyer in NYC your city, so that he handles all your immigration problems and you can relax and enjoy your trip easily.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in NYC?

Immigration is not an easy process. A lot of hassles are associated with this procedure, making this entire procedure complex and hectic. A lot of paperwork needs to be handled carefully. However, if you do not have enough knowledge about immigration policies and procedure, then it would be a better option to hire an attorney for this purpose.
On making search on the web, you will come across several firms offering such services. But, make sure that you have selected an experienced lawyer to make this entire process easy and simple. A small mistake can lead to visa rejection.
Apart from this, you need to fill different types of forms and submit them with the concerned authorities on time. The immigration policies are complex. Only the attorneys have complete information about rules and regulations associated with migration to a particular country.
Make a thorough search on the web to find the best immigration lawyer in NYC. The trustworthy lawyers provide their best possible assistance in the entire procedure. With their services, you need not to fill application forms on your own rather they will get the job done for you in an effective manner.
Once you hire services of an established firm, they will make you aware whether you qualify according to the immigration laws or not. Moreover, the specialized immigration law firms have contacts that help you in getting visa effortlessly.
Now, the question is how to make a decision when you have number of options available in front of you? Well, you can do certain things so as to get hold of the best services.
  1. Ask for references
Before enhancing the search level, ask for suggestions from your friends and relatives who have availed such services in the past. Doing so will definitely help you in making a decision wisely. Once you have a few alternatives, check and compare services offered and make your decision after complete satisfaction.
  1. Online Help
It could be a better option to log on to national association website that provides valuable information about the attorneys having specialization in immigration laws and policies. Surely, such websites can be of core importance for you.
  1. Credentials
It is very important to check the previous record of the attorney and the type of cases he or she has handled in the past. Apart from this, make sure that you have hired an attorney who has license for such practices and must have reputed position in the market.
  1. Interview
Most of the reputed firms provide numerous facilities like initial consultation. You first meeting with an attorney will give you a fair idea about his or her abilities and way of handling a particular situation.
So, hire a professional to make your immigration process easy and convenient.

Spend some time on the web to find the best immigration lawyer in NYC. It’s time to pack your bags and fly to the country of your choice.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hire the right immigration lawyer for easily getting the job done!

Undoubtedly, today many people immigrate to foreign countries for better job opportunities and lifestyle. Out of all countries across the globe, United States of America is one of the most preferred destinations for people to settle their life. However, going there is not so easy. One needs to hire immigration lawyer.
If you want to settle in New York, Manhattan or any other city around America, then you must look for an immigration lawyer. Thinking why? Then this document would provide answer to your question.
  • Aware of complex rules and regulations: For a commoner, it’s difficult to understand the law rules of America and in order to attain visa, one need to be clear with all the things. This is where a lawyer can prove to be of great help.
  • Solve legal nuances: Many times while filing for visa petition, one might have to face legal nuances. At that point of time it’s difficult for a common person to get away through it. Hence this is where the importance of a lawyer comes into picture.
  • Skilled: An immigrant must never try out solving issues on their own, as it might lead to cancellation of their visa. The Immigration lawyer in Manhattan or elsewhere are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced enough in handling any legal issues that come in their way.
  • Well aware of changes: Immigration law is the most intricate form of law field because the rules in it keep on changing. Therefore, it’s hard for a commoner to understand and keep themselves updated with the new rules. This is where a lawyer is the best source to know the changes made in the immigration law.
  • There at all times: Right from the beginning, a lawyer would be there with the immigrant so that if any problem occurs at any point of time then he can handle it. Moreover, they would give proper guidance that would help the immigrant to attain the visa surely.
However, looking out for a qualified and experienced lawyer is quite a tricky task because of availability of hoard of lawyers. So, in such cases, you need to be very particular and look into a lawyer these two main things that have been mentioned below:
  • Lawyer member of AILA: Hiring the services of a lawyer can prove to be quite heavy on one’s pocket. And to be ensured that one is getting proper worth of their money, it is must to see that the lawyer is the member of AILA or American Immigration Lawyers Association.
  • Track record: The best way to know the experience and capability of a lawyer to solve issues is via seeing his or her track record. If has good success rate then definitely he would be skilled and if not if he not good to handle your case.
So, if you are interested in going to America then make sure to hire an Immigration Lawyer in Manhattan or any city where you are residing.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How lawyers help you in hassle-free migration to the U.S.?

Planning to migrate to the United States? The first thought that comes to the mind when dealing with complex immigration matters may be to handle it all yourself. The entire process of the U.S. immigration is, undoubtedly, an essential phase of everyone’s life who are dreaming about to be in the country of opportunities, the United States of America completely.
Many people who have involved in U.S. immigration process and reaped the associated benefits believe that they might handle effectively the filings, appeals, and other related tasks singlehandedly. On the other hand, only few Americans might have clear understanding of the complicated immigration system that includes hard-to-break rules and regulations.
It is important to be aware of the whys and wherefores of hiring an immigration legal representative by your side. Before you move ahead for your immigration case lets’ have a look on importance of hiring an immigration lawyer in New York:
There is no need to wonder if it becomes necessary to hire an experienced lawyer by your side. Even, the hiring of a well-experienced attorney adds more to your chances to get through the complicated process of immigration successfully.
Most of the people have misconception that the process of migration only involves the correct filling of application forms. In actual, it is more than that. It requires the up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing immigration rules and regulations that the applicant has to follow for obtaining permission to reside in the United States.
If, unfortunately, the issues like certain criminal violations, deportation, visa overstays or others like this are associated with you case, it would become very difficult for a common person to answer several kinds of queries by U.S. immigration authorities. Such serious matters arises the need to have an immigration professional to support you throughout the process.
A legal representative will do a lot more than filling out application forms. Elaborately, he knows how to present your case smartly before the administrative agency so that the weaknesses of the case (if any) will remain hidden from becoming a big issue that can ban your entry to the U.S. If necessary, an attorney will file appeals to make your case stronger. Besides this, a responsible lawyer speaks for their clients in discussions at the Department of Homeland Security.
By considering the aforementioned benefits associated with hiring of an attorney, if you have made your mind to hire a lawyer to handle your immigration case, it is advisable that hire the one who has a membership of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). It will give you a relief from the worries of being going into the hands of fake legal service providers.
An immigration lawyer in New York plays a vital role for providing you the right of residing in the United States without facing immigration hassles

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wildes and Weinberg Law, P.C. extending its legal network, by opening a new office in Miami!

‘Wildes and Weinberg P.C., one of the most successful and critically acclaimed law firms in the United States, has now expanded their legal network by opening a brand new office in Miami’

In a time when the U.S. Government is going through a state of cataclysm over the intricacies of immigration reforms, Wildes and Weinberg P.C. has opened their new office in Miami. This new office which is located at Brickell Avenue in Miami comes as an addition to their already present network of offices on Madison Avenue in NYC and Palisade Avenue in Englewood New Jersey.

Started in 1960, by Leon Wildes, as a law firm that focused only on individual cases, Wildes Law has grown leaps and bounds over the past five decades. The company emerged as a remarkable law office, based on the success obtained in the cases of world famous celebrities (most prominent one was helping former Beatle band member John Lennon with his deportation proceedings). Over the years, the company has become a highly acclaimed law firm, and currently holds a global clientele, which includes both individual as well as corporate clients.

The firm provides expert legal advice in cases related to individual immigration, based on employment and investment to work permits and asylum applications. Expanding their immigration law firm network, with their new office in Miami, Wildes Law is further strengthening its commitment towards people by providing them with reliable and prompt immigration services in the United States.

Looking at South Florida as a desired destination for many immigrants because of the fiscal growth and political impact on the region, the office is being looked as the company’s effort to expand their already established clientele in the region even further.

However, only time will tell ‘how successful the effort proves to be?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Are you eligible to sponsor your relative to immigrate to the United States?

If you are a permanent resident of the United States and looking to sponsor your relative for his immigration to the country, then you need to fulfil certain eligibility criterion.

Here is a look at those eligibility guidelines –

1. You must be a lawful permanent citizen of the country and must possess written documentation proof for the same.

2. You must prove to the authorities that you can support your relative above the 125% poverty line.

3. You can file the sponsorship petition of only the following relatives (who are of foreign origin) :
  • Parents/Brother/Sister (if you are more than at least 21 years of age or more than that).
  • Spouse.
  • Unmarried children (<21years of age).
  • Unmarried son or daughter (>21years of age).
  • Married son or daughter (age is no bar).
However, under all the above mentioned cases, you must be able to provide lawful documented proofs for the relationship as well as your own citizenship proof in the United States, failing to which can lead to the rejection of the immigration petition.