Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wildes and Weinberg Law, P.C. extending its legal network, by opening a new office in Miami!

‘Wildes and Weinberg P.C., one of the most successful and critically acclaimed law firms in the United States, has now expanded their legal network by opening a brand new office in Miami’

In a time when the U.S. Government is going through a state of cataclysm over the intricacies of immigration reforms, Wildes and Weinberg P.C. has opened their new office in Miami. This new office which is located at Brickell Avenue in Miami comes as an addition to their already present network of offices on Madison Avenue in NYC and Palisade Avenue in Englewood New Jersey.

Started in 1960, by Leon Wildes, as a law firm that focused only on individual cases, Wildes Law has grown leaps and bounds over the past five decades. The company emerged as a remarkable law office, based on the success obtained in the cases of world famous celebrities (most prominent one was helping former Beatle band member John Lennon with his deportation proceedings). Over the years, the company has become a highly acclaimed law firm, and currently holds a global clientele, which includes both individual as well as corporate clients.

The firm provides expert legal advice in cases related to individual immigration, based on employment and investment to work permits and asylum applications. Expanding their immigration law firm network, with their new office in Miami, Wildes Law is further strengthening its commitment towards people by providing them with reliable and prompt immigration services in the United States.

Looking at South Florida as a desired destination for many immigrants because of the fiscal growth and political impact on the region, the office is being looked as the company’s effort to expand their already established clientele in the region even further.

However, only time will tell ‘how successful the effort proves to be?