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How O-1 visa lawyer proves to be helpful in attaining O-1 visa

While filing for any petition its must to hire a lawyer or an attorney who is skilled enough to deal with any of the issues related to visa. Besides this, they need to have complete knowledge about the visa application procedure so that an immigrant can easily get away through it.
Many times we think that we ourselves can complete all the formalities of visa application; but no, as immigration law is quite an intricate form therefore one do gets stuck at a point of time. This is where the need for experienced lawyers becomes viable!
Still thinking how? Let’s have a look at how O-1 Visa Lawyers can help in streamlining the petition process of an immigrant.
  • O-1 visa lawyer of NYC helps an immigrant in getting the green card of the United States.
  • They would help in completing all the formalities of visa procedure.
  • Immigration Lawyers provide guidance for other visas also if O-1 Visa is not suitable in one’s situation.
  • To extent the O-1 visa, lawyer proves to be of great help in assisting the immigrant in this situation.
  • They make immigrants prepare for the interview round which would be conducted by the visa authority heads.
Furthermore, they would explain you all information related to O-1 Visa that is important for you to get aware of, if planning to file a petition for O-1 visa.
O-1 Visas is categorized in two types: O-1A and O-1B. The first type of visa is for the individuals in business, education, sciences or athletics and second type of visa is for individuals in the arts, motion pictures or television.
Qualifications required for this visa
To qualify for an O-1 Visa, applicant needs to show their qualification in the respective field. For example, the person in arts needs to have distinction, an applicant who is in television or motion picture he needs to sow that he is the notable personality in this field. Likewise, respective other applicants in business, education, science or athletics they also need to show their significance in each of their respective field.
Evidence required for an O-1 Visa
To attain this visa, an applicant needs to show evidences that would support his credentials. The foremost thing that is looked in by the visa authority is awards in the respective field of the applicant. If not achieved, then applicant would be required to submit any of the three evidences from the following:
  • Prizes attained in the field
  • Membership of the associated field associations
  • Individual contribution in the respective carrier field
  • Published articles in journals
  • Salary slip
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O-1 visa lawyer in NYC or elsewhere can help in fulfilling your dreams to work in United States. So, do not wait right away contact a renowned lawyer of New York.

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