Thursday, 12 September 2013

Let O-1 visa lawyer of NYC help you out in the immigration procedure!

Pertaining immigration is not easy, as it may seem to be because of the law that keeps on changing with time. This calls for a good immigration lawyer, who can be with you throughout the visa procedure.
If you have attained extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or television industry, you can definitely go for O-1 visa. But all that is required is right credentials, form and good guidance to attain visa which is only possible via the help of a lawyer.
Following are few basic requirements and documents that are needed to attain the visa and clearly explained to you by your lawyer:
Basic requirements
To get the visa application approved it’s not necessary that the candidate has to won any Nobel Prize or Olympic gold medical in his or her respective abilities. But yes, to qualify for visa there are certain criteria’s that are needed to be fulfilled by the immigrant. To name a few are:
  • Received national or international award or prize for the excellence
  • You belong to a good organization which is known for making outstanding achievements
  • If you are in media or writing field, your work should be published in some major trade publications or professional journals
  • You need to be a part of panel of the field of specification you have attained
  • You need to show your contribution in the respective abilities
  • Need to have worked in different organization
  • Show evidences proving your earnings
  • Original scientific or scholarly contributions made are needed to be shown
Essential documents required attain O-1 visa
To get the petition approved, an applicant needs to provide the following documents:
  • A file that contains the application Form DS-160.
  • Applicant recent photograph
  • Passport that is valid
  • Educational history, resume are needed to be attached in the file
  • Proof of received recognition or awards in the respective fields.
  • Documents that proves your excellence in the field
  • Applicant financial information that shows you are earning well
  • Records of achievements made in motion picture and television production
  • An appointment letter that describes your work which you would be doing in U.S.
With all that is said before and sheer guidance of O-1 visa lawyer in NYC, you would definitely attain the visa. Besides just preparing your file, they would also prepare you for your interview round, which would be conducted by the visa authority people.
Thus bottom line is this that the immigration lawyer surely helps an immigrant in attaining the visa. Now, one need not have to worry about the procedure, just relax and do as the lawyer says you to do.
Are you searching for a reliable O-1 visa lawyer in NYC then make sure you have contacted an experienced lawyer that would help you attain the visa.

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