Monday, 24 November 2014

Learn the Situations that define Importance of an Immigration Lawyer

Moving to a country like US is an exciting decision, but you need to act smartly because the country has complex immigration laws. Hence, if you are an immigrant working on your application, it is highly recommended to find a professional lawyer specializing in this field.
Thus, if you want to stay away from the silly mistakes and want to ensure successful application outcomes, start searching for best immigration lawyers in Miami.
Following are the key situations that describe that why you need help from an immigration attorney:
  • If your previous visa application was denied, your lawyer can evaluate the reasons behind disapproval and help you with your fresh application.
  • Documentation of the visa, green card, or citizenship can be an extremely difficult procedure, but with professional help, you do not need to worry about it.
  • Professional help is mandatory, if you were ever involved in any crime in the past. In such situations, a single move can affect the outcomes of your visa application.
  • These experts always stay updated with changing immigration laws, and use their vast knowledge to complete flawless visa applications.
  • If you have any communicable disease, you must discuss it with your immigration lawyer to get it evaluated and find out whether you are an eligible candidate or not.
  • If you are about to secure your US citizenship, you can prepare for your citizenship interview and test with the help of a professional attorney.
  • Help from an expert can help you to remain in the country and prove your point, if you were served with a notice of deportation.
  • If you current visa is going to expire or has already expired, role of an immigration lawyer is immensely important. Seek guidance in order to know what next you need to do.
  • You can also seek help from these experts, if you started your application just by yourself, but not able to proceed any further.
Before you select any immigration lawyer for your case, it is mandatory for you to ensure that they have significant experience in handling cases such as yours. Make sure that you interview at least 3-4 professionals before making the final call. Remember, a wrong decision nay spoil your dream of getting settled in the US.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Applying For A US Visa? Know Your Options!

In the United States of America, various visas are provided on different basis. Anyone, who wants to immigrate to America, has to apply only on those bases, in which they qualify. After completing all requirements of law, one can get a proper visa easily. This procedure is handled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Here are some bases, on which one can apply:

Family – Many people immigrate to America to stay with their loved ones. Family based immigration is very popular. Family members such as spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters can immigrate to the United States when one of their relative is a citizen of US. There are different types in this category such as Immediate Relatives (IR) and Family Preference (F) etc. If applicant’s close relatives are already living in United State, then he can get a visa based on his relationship.

Employment – Immigration are also available on the basis of employment. There are some limits in this type. There are many categories in it like Employment Preference (E) etc. Before applying, one must get a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor of US.

Study – If a person wants to enter America for study, then he can apply on study basis. There are mainly two types of visas in this category, one is F and other is M. M type is for those who want to study at a recognized nonacademic institution. For those who want to learn at universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools or academic institution etc., they can get apply for F type of immigration.

Tourist – For tourism, B-2 visa is given to the foreign nationals. It also includes, holiday, tours, visits to see relatives and friends etc. It is included under visitor’s category. In this category, business visitors are also included. One can also apply for medical treatment, events participation, short educational courses etc.

Investment – Immigration is also possible on the basis of investment. This category is named as EB-5. Foreign nationals who are interested in investing in commercial enterprises can get this visa. Minimum investment in general category is 1 million US dollars. In the targeted employment area, this limit is 500,000 US dollars.

For getting proper guidance, one can contact to the best immigration lawyer in Miami or any other city. Immigration lawyers has years of experience and knowledge of law, process. They can provide right guidance and proper information about procedure.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Filing An Immigration Case On Your Own Could Be Risky!

If you or any of your family has decided to move in US whether on a temporary visa or permanent visa, you need to act with caution. This is because immigration laws in America are difficult to understand, thus if you come from a background with no or very limited information about these laws then you need an expert attorney on your side. Majority of the immigrant handling their application work independently can receive a bad outcome simply because of complex process. However, it is necessary to understand that hiring an immigration attorney is one of the most important decisions an immigrant needs to make.

Why role of immigration lawyer is vital?

  • Your attorney will review your application carefully and help you to understand various migration options available for you. You can select a best option with his help.

  • They have fast knowledge of the field and always ensure that only a complete application is submitted. Hence, chances of rejection due to incomplete submissions are completely ruled out.

  • When it comes to USIC interviews or any other meetings, you can rely on your lawyer for representation.

  • They will take charge for the preparation of documentation and will request you to gather all needed documents.

  • If your application was denied earlier, your attorney will discover the facts behind it and will fix every error before representing you again.

  • If you were ever involved in a crime or have an infectious disease, you need an expert on your side to make you understand about your rights and obligations before proceeding any further.

  • If you are moving to US with your family and have children who could reach age 21 before you actually get approval on your permanent residence, your lawyer can help you with most reliable solutions to process your applications.

When looking for immigration lawyers in New York make sure that you make a decision with extreme caution. Interview these attorneys and ensure that you ask them some of the most important questions you need to ask and few are written below:

  • From how long he or she has been practicing immigration laws?
  • Has he successfully
  • handled your type of cases in the past?
  • What are the chances of positive outcomes of your application?
  • Is he member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)?
  • What channels he will use for the communication?
  • Will there be anyone else beside him, working on your case?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Consult An Immigration Lawyers To Realize Your American Dream!

Getting a visa in America is a dream for many people. It is a long procedure with lots of paper work. It also takes lots of time, work, and effort. If you are new to this process, there are chances of you making mistakes. Sometimes, even little mistakes can lead to rejection.

Nobody wants to take the risk of rejection. To avoid mistakes, you must find best immigration attorney in Miami or in other big cities. These experts can help you with their great knowledge of immigration law. They can guide you for this procedure and help you in getting your visa. Therefore, if you are applying, you must get help of a lawyer who is an expert in this field of law. They can help you in:

  • First, they will gather knowledge about your application and decide which kind of visa will be best for you, according to your requirements. They will tell you about your options.

  • They will guide about various forms in immigration law. Before filling an application, you must know if you are filling the right form. These lawyers can tell you, which form is appropriate for you according to your qualifications and base of the visa. In America, for every type of immigration there is a different form.

  • After completing the application and forms, they will submit them properly to the consulate etc. They also prepare all necessary papers and files for this process.

  • They will communicate with the American government and USCIS on your behalf. You will not communicate with anyone directly, your lawyer will do this task for you. They will represent you on different platforms.

  • An immigration lawyer can help you a lot if you are in deportation process. They can represent your case properly in court and help you in staying in the United States. Without this help, there are minimum chances of you winning your case.

  • Your attorney will also help you in preventing delays in getting visa. Sometimes it takes time to get paperwork done or in application approval etc. They can reduce this time of delay and helps you getting your application approved faster.

  • If you are applying for citizenship, they will also help you with the citizenship test.

To make procedure faster and avoid problems in process, you should hire an attorney. Whether you are applying for visa or citizenship, these experts can be a lot of help. They know all ins and outs of this law.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Characteristics Of An Experienced Immigration Attorney

We are aware that there is one or the other case, where there is an involvement of an immigration lawyer. Not only this, there are number of celebrities, who have faced a deportation charge or they were denied asylum in the United States. At that time, an experienced immigration lawyer plays a key role in the case.

The paperwork and formalities may prove to be hardship for an individual, as the immigration lawyers are well aware of the things in advance, it is an easy job for them. Moreover, there are visas in which there is an eligibility criterion, these are some of the things in which an immigration lawyer can help.

The motive of immigration should be clear, there are number of ways to file an application for visa. An immigration lawyer makes sure that before filing papers for the grant of visa a consultation should happen. There are immigration lawyers in NYC, who feel it as their top most priority to protect the visa application of the applicant in any way. The lawyers make an effort to conduct a pre-consultation before filing of the papers. It makes it easy for the lawyer to know the exact status in the mind of the applicant and application is preceded in the same way.

The knowledge of a lawyer helps him to earn the heart of the client. There are number of cases, where it looked like the things would be out of hand and it is difficult to get a successful outcome. At that point, knowledge of immigration lawyer comes into being. The vast pool of knowledge and handful years of experience not only helps immigration lawyers to win a case but also helps to earn a good reputation amongst the eyes of others.

The applications related to visa sponsorship, green card policy etc. need a focus approach. There are few concerns as there are many fluctuations’ related to the above cases. These two cases are the ones in which there are daily or weekly updates, so an immigration lawyer keeps all the information so that an applicant’s application is able to sail through.

An immigration lawyer is able to save a good time for an individual. The application needs to reveal all the information to the lawyer; therefore, all the paper work and assistance would be provided.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Qualifying Criteria For EB-5 visa

If you are thinking to set up business in U.S., then you need to meet the qualifying criteria of EB-5 visa. Without doing that, an immigrant will not be allowed to go in the U.S. and set up a new venture.

Qualifying criterions for EB-5 visa:

  • The investor needs to meet the following financial aspects:
  • * Net worth of at least $1 million
    * Annual gross income of the last two years need to be at least $200,000
    * Immigrant should meet the other requirements for an Accredited Investor as per defined in the rules and regulations.

  • In the situation of “restructuring” or “reorganization”, qualifying criteria under the EB-5 is not defined, but key determinant will depend on whether 10 new jobs are created or not.

  • At time of “expansion” of commercial enterprise, there would be an increase of at least 40% in net worth. This may also increase the employment number from 10 employees to 25.

  • The project needs to be approved from target employment area (TEA).

  • The business excludes non-commercial activity, like owning and running a personal residence or non-for profit business.

  • The form of ownership would include sole proprietorships, limited or general partnerships, holding companies, joint ventures, corporations, and business trusts.

  • Investment in a commercial enterprise is necessary to show, instead of establishment of it.

  • The applicant must have a good role in management of the commercial enterprise.

  • The capital contribution is done on the basis of cash or cash equivalents, equipment, inventory or other tangible property.

  • The capital invested needs to be according to the fair market value of USD.

  • The enterprise should meet regulatory requirements of American economy.

  • The commercial enterprise must employ minimum 10 full time U.S. employees. Full time here means minimum of 35 hours per week. Two or more employees can share one full time position as well.

  • Proper dates should be mentioned in the business plan that indicates visa issuance period, jobs, invested money, and many other aspects.

  • In order to get away through the visa process easily, one can hire best immigration lawyer in Miami.

  • The commercial enterprise should be in the targeted employment area (TEA). In other words in a rural area or area that is facing high unemployment rate.

  • The investor must have certification from the state, which will confirm the TEA (targeted employment area).

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Don’t Get Stuck In Legal Immigration Complexities

Every year countless foreign nationals request for immigration to the United States, which is supposed to be a country of great work opportunities and better lifestyle. This is the reason people from various countries come here with a hope of better living.

However, the fact that a huge international population wishes to migrate to the USA makes it all the more challenging for people to pass the legal hurdles imposed by authorities before anyone could successfully enter this country and live here lawfully.

There are hundreds of formalities which must be completed by each foreign national to step in the land of the USA. The US government has strict policies and complex set of rules and regulations for immigrants. This makes the entire procedure of immigration quite complex.

However, the application for immigration to America can be made easy if the applicant chooses to work with one of the best immigration attorneys in Miami. Legal assistance is essential to get through various check points and tackle all the hurdles which are commonly faced by people while dealing with immigration authorities.

As a layman, one may not even know how to get started with the application. You may not know where to find the right form, where it will have to be submitted and what essential information to provide the government.

The paper work involved in matters dealing with immigration proceedings are mostly very complex and difficult to understand for layman. There are many deadlines that should be taken care of from time to time, if you don’t want to face any legal complexity.

By working with a lawyer you can rest assured that paperwork, submission of forms, and all the deadlines will be taken care of. There are more than one reasons, apart from paper work and deadlines for which people are advised to hire a lawyer.

Immigration rules are prone to updates and constant amendments. They are changing on a regular basis and no one but lawyers remain aware of those updates and changes. This knowledge is essential if the applicant wants to make those rules work in his favor and not against him.

Most of the lawyers have been dealing with immigration complexities for years. Having handled numerous lawsuits, they become aware of which problems are mostly faced by people.

This awareness and knowledge is what makes them avoid such problems from even happening. In short, if you want to avoid headache and smoothly achieve your legal goals, it is recommended to hire a lawyer.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Need Help With The Citizenship Rules Of U.S.?

People who immigrate to the United States, they desire to have citizenship. However, this is something that takes time; therefore, immigrant needs to keep patience.

Moreover, understanding the details of citizenship is quite difficult for everyone, as it consists of lots of intricacies. This is where immigration lawyer proves to be of great help.

Hiring of immigration means one need not have to worry about anything, and immigrant can count upon them for every bit of immigration matter.

One can ask as many questions or doubts from them, which will give immigrant an assurance of being in the right hand.

As you look for the best immigration lawyer in Miami for help, you should consider certain traits like experience, affordability, empathy, and faithfulness, which are discussed below in the article in detail.

It is wise to look for someone who has expertise experience in the law field. This will benefit you because lawyer with good ample experience will know different case traumas and methods to solve it.

Affordability is next factor to consider. Look for a lawyer who is genuine and offers affordable fee. In case, if you have a job in United States, you might readily afford any amount suggested by lawyer, but if not then you might be facing trouble. Therefore, call few lawyers, compare prices and hire one, which you find is good and fits into your budget.

As you look for an immigration lawyer for your help consider empathy attribute in them. Not all have the ability to understand someone else's situation; therefore, lawyer who puts themselves into other person's shoes is one who can very well get aware of the problem of the immigrant. Hence, when searching a lawyer one must see whether their lawyer has interest in understanding their problem or not.

Trust factor is the most important one, which is to be built between the lawyer and immigrant. Therefore, last factor you must count upon is faithfulness trait. This is because you need someone who can be by your side all the time, when you are filing for citizenship.

After considering these aforementioned traits, you will definitely find the right lawyer that will help you in best possible ways.

As there are many intricacies while filing for citizenship, therefore, one must choose a lawyer who is highly skilled and experienced.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Looking For The Best Immigration Lawyer In Miami, Florida?

Looking for the best Immigration law firm in Miami, FL? Contact the law offices of Wildes & Weinberg P.C in New York, New Jersey and Miami. Wildes & Weinberg P.C is an organization of experienced lawyers and support staff dedicated to the successful resolution of their client's cases. If you have questions, please call Managing Partner Michael Wildes at 305-728-2443 or e-mail him at

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A firm with specialization in different areas - Wildes and Weinberg

Applying for a visa is not an easy task to do. A single mistake in the visa application leads to visa delays and rejections. Wildes and Weinberg, an immigration law firm in America has specialization in different areas, which includes all immigrant and non-immigrant visas, asylum, naturalization, investor status and many more.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Consult an experienced immigration lawyer and get best results for your immigration case!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a skilled worker, or a foreign citizen with extraordinary abilities, if you wish to work in United States then you need to obtain visa for it in which only a skilled layer can help you out.
Right from personalized information, things involve in getting the visa, comprehensive advice, visa approval, and everything required in between; all things are taken into consideration by the immigration lawyer in NYC.
Besides all these factors, if one wants to go bring their fiancée, child, or parents along with them, they can make this happen by the help of lawyer. Immigrants who have faced deportation, they can seek for a strong legal defense that will help them to visit United States.
Following are few areas in which, a lawyer will provide assistance to you:
Business immigration
Right from the business plan review, business formation, employment contracts, commercial real estate contract, visas for investors, entrepreneurs, specialty occupation workers, intra company transfers, and few more things that are related to business immigration; all are told the lawyer to immigrant.
Deportation defense
Many immigrants visit U.S. illegally or via criminal convictions, visa violations. They are at a risk of getting deported. For them lawyers is bliss. They help them provide a way to get away through the deportation procedure.
Employment based immigration
Individuals who are skilled, educated and have great abilities to work in U.S., they must go for employment based immigration visa. The lawyer will help immigrant to help obtain this visa.
Family based immigration
Immigrants who want to go in U.S. legally with their spouse, parent, fiancée, child, or sibling they can make their dream come true via attaining family based immigration visa. In this, a lawyer will help you out and provide you guidance from the beginning. He or she will advise you how to get the petition approved.
If you have filed for any of the aforementioned visas, then make sure you have taken the help of a lawyer. Doing all by yourself can do save your money but can cause problem in your visa application. Therefore, consulting an experienced and renowned lawyer are the two important things that you need to look into when looking for an attorney.
If you are entangled in any immigration issue, then consult an immigration lawyer in NYC for this matter.