Monday, 2 March 2015

Do you know about O-1 visa process? Hire an immigration lawyer

If no, then you would be requiring help of immigration lawyer. Hire an expert to guide you with the immigration procedure and help you out in meeting the criteria and requirements of visa.

Candidate skilled in field of science, business, arts, and athletics can apply for O-1 visa. If you have ability in any of these fields of endeavor, but do not know the procedure of O-1 visa application, following is the information shared by you with expert immigration lawyer of NYC or elsewhere.

O-1 visa is temporary work visa that allows a candidate being in the profession of Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musician, Director, Songwriter, Composer or more to work legally in U.S. A candidate does not require showing detail documents like annual caps, labor certification, minimum wage document and pay slip unlike other visa processes.

However, candidates who have applied for this visa process require fulfilling few requirements, which are as follows-
  • A proof to show excellence in the field, which might be a receipt of national or international award
  • Proof of being a member of an association
  • A published material in a major trade of publication
  • Show contribution in the respective field like business related, scientific and scholarly
  • Proof of candidate being employed in reputed company or organization
  • Record of commercial success as shown by box offices, reviews, ratings, newspapers etc.
  • Salary slip rendering till date
  • Articles authorship in journals  or media
  • Participation in a panel or represented as a judge of the work of others
If you are interested in work in U.S., you need to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements. Taking help of visa lawyer will help you obtain the permit for work in USA.

However, finding a reliable attorney is quite tedious task. This is because of the fact of numerous lawyers in the industries who make big promises, but fail to deliver optimal results. Primarily their objective was to grab money from clients.

So, if you do not want to get entangled in any of such trick then make sure you have searched a reliable lawyer. Putting in some extra effort, researching well, and then making up your decision wisely will help you contact a reliable attorney.

Documents needed to accomplish O-1 visa criteria include-
  • Evidence of the immigrant
  • Written contract
  • Copy of events in which candidate is involved

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