Friday, 1 April 2016

Are You Updated With O-1 Visa Requirements And Types? Read the information below!

Undoubtedly, America has numerous employment opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced workers. This is why so many people from all around the world look forward to move to the USA especially to the cities like Los Angeles that has numerous career opportunities.If you are also planning to come to America to work, then you must get acquainted with the right visa option for you.
And, this visa option is O-1. However, before you apply for this visa, you should get in touch with an immigration law firm in Los Angeles or the US city where you are planning to stay and work. Contacting an attorney will help you become familiar with all the legal formalities associated with the application process.

However, here are some facts associated with the O-1 visa. Let us have a look.
Foreign nationals who excelled in the field of arts, science, education, athletics and business can apply for the O-1 visa. Individuals who has achieved awards in television industry or motion pictures or are renowned at a national and international level, even they are eligible to apply for this visa.


There are two categories of this visa, which are mentioned below –

  1. O-1 A – Candidates who have earned a name for themselves in the education and science or excelled in their business are eligible to apply for this visa. Athletes who have made a mark in sport events at national or international level can also apply under this category.

  1. O-1 B – Candidates who have excelled in the field of television are eligible to apply for O-1 B visa.
Duration of stay for a O1 visa holder

Initially, an immigrant can stay in America for three years. However, the duration of stay depends on their duties or activities in the United States of America.

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