Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Why Companies Require The Help Of An Immigration Lawyer?

In the United States, there are numerous companies with a large number of employees especially in Los Angeles. However, many of these companies also rely of employees who are foreign nationals. And, this is where an immigration lawyers comes. Any company that requires a foreign national on a position in America has to go through legal compliance procedure.

An immigration attorney helps companies in this procedure by –

Conducting I-9 training programs for staff – To ensure a company’s compliance, it is essential that there is an I-9 training program conducted for the staff. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can help you in conducting the training program.

I-9 review and audit – You will also need the help of an attorney for I-9 review and audit. A government auditor will measure the compliance and only legal help can ensure that come out unscathed from the procedure. Your lawyer can ensure that your firm is prepared for the audit without suffering any consequences.

They will prepare the I-9 records to present to the government auditor as a response to the audit notices. Attorneys will represent your organization throughout the audit process, which includes negotiating settlements. Furthermore, they will explore the litigation possibilities accordingly.

Protection against discrimination – Discrimination is a word that can ruin your business. And, developing a policy manual for your company is the only way to gain legal protection against discrimination.

Your will also need your attorney’s help for the I-9 maintenance programs as well as to monitor re-verification obligations. They can also assist you in managing your company's I-9 retention and destruction.

Your firm’s compliance with Form I-9 is vital in order to avoid various legal, financial and public relations risks. Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences that can affect your business and reputation. So, contact a professional immigration attorney to get rid of any compliance issue.