Friday, 11 March 2016

Finding The Right Immigration Attorney

A well qualified and experienced immigration attorney can make a lot of difference in your case. There are many honest and hardworking individuals who provide genuine services diligently. On the contrary a bad immigration lawyer can charge ridiculous amounts of money, fail to deliver promised services and corrupt the case to an extent that it becomes unrecoverable.

Before initiating a process like visa or green card petition, avoiding deportation or applying for additional immigration benefits it is essential to hire the services of an experienced lawyer. You can the following steps to avoid entangling with dishonest individuals.
  • Do not entertain lawyers who try to approach outside various immigration offices. A good immigration lawyer will never resort to such malpractice and probably would be busy giving consultation to his clients.
  • In many cases some less informed lawyers file the cases inappropriately and in the process do irreparable damage to your case. It is advisable to make sure that you’re interacting with a genuine lawyer and not some shady consultant.
  • Conduct a background check about the lawyer and do some necessary research before availing his services.
  • Do not engage with immigration officers who offer you solution by unethical means such as bribing an official to procure a green card or lie on your immigration application. These situations can be extremely dangerous and subject to legal actions.
  • Immigration judge is the ultimate authority on the subject matter and even the best lawyers cannot ensure success every time. It is ok to be skeptical of unrealistic promises made by them.

Talk to more than one attorney before making the final decision. Interact with attorneys and their staff to gather all the information possible and understand the level of their commitment. Taking a second opinion may also reveal if the other counterpart tried to cheat you or conduct business through unethical means. Be vigilant and consider every minor detail before choosing your representative.