Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 easy ways to find the best immigration lawyer in NJ

The immigration process can be troublesome, tricky and tough, more when it comes to completing all the legal formalities and paperwork. With lots of documents to tender, it is quite normal for the majority of people to feel overwhelmed. You see, the immigration process is, in reality, not all that simple. First, you need to properly understand what needs to be done, which path to follow, and what documents to file. Thereafter, you actually need to go through the process. Once you have all the documents at hand, you can think about going for the next big thing that can be done with these documents, like the verification and attestations. To save you from this pain and lackluster paperwork, it is advised that you hire the best immigration lawyer in NJ who can take you through the process promptly and without much hassle.

However, producing the documents and getting all the verification and attestation on them is just one part of the tale. You are, then, required to fill out the Immigration Form or Application, and that's exactly tricky since you need to ensure that all the data you fill in the application form is verifiable and in accordance with the documents you tender.

The situation, then, only grows tough to tougher with all the legal terms and issues involved in the application process. In general, most of us are not aware of these legal terms and, make no mistake, one minor error here or there may have a negative impact on the status of your application. And that's where the expertise of an immigration lawyer can come handy. Here are the 6 major points you need to consider to ensure you find the right immigration attorney for representing you.

Quick response
Time is money. Even the slightest of delays in fulfilling the requirements of the immigration process can put your case on hold. Therefore, you must choose a lawyer that maximum time availability and is highly responsive in handling the requirements of an immigration process.

Exclusive and specialized practice
You must look to hire an attorney who has years of experience in exclusively practicing immigration laws. Just like any other field, specialization is one of the most important things for an attorney. There is a world of difference between a general law practitioner and a specialized immigration la
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Member of National Association of Lawyers
Just like any major community or association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (the AILA) has prerequisite standards which a layer must maintain in order to become a member of the group. This way, every lawyer registered with the AILA surely has enough experience, expertise and standards in practicing immigration laws. Although it is indeed not a strong criteria to judge the efficiency of a lawyer, it can serve as the minimum standard for your quest of finding the best immigration lawyer in NJ.

Does the lawyer list his fee in public? 
If an immigration attorney has a clear cut public list of his or her fee to handle an immigration case, you can be sure that you won't be getting any nasty surprises mid-way into your application process. Also, it will avoid any chances of gross dispute over the fee at the end of the scenario. Disclosing the fee in public also means that the attorney will have to stick with it, and it also helps you make a comparison among different lawyers based on the fee the charge for an immigration case.

Relevant experience
It is highly important that you check the relevant experience of a lawyer before finally working with him or her. If an immigration attorney has the experience of a decade but, out of those ten years, he has handled immigration cases for only a couple of years - well, then his experience will not be of much use to you. You must try to find out a lawyer who has ample amount of experience in handling just the cases related to immigration process. 

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